Friday, February 1, 2008

A Young Man Named Levi

I saw a special on TV a few weeks back called "Jesus Camp" for the first time.

Now, I want to say up front that I didn't really care much for the "documentary" because I thought it portrayed Christianity in an almost cult-like fashion. And, I will readily admit that my perception is primarily influenced by the fact that I am not a Pentacostal/Charismatic type of believer.

That aside, I was smitten by the sincerity and zeal of one of the youngsters portrayed in the film, a young man by the name of Levi. How apt, I thought - Levi, named after the Israelite tribe responsible for the care and feeding of the Lord's flock.

Festooned with a ponytail and sincere, boyish face, Levi fearlessly articulated and opined about Jesus in front of a sea of rapt faces. His family, equally zealous to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, took the lad all over the country as part of his missionary work. Levi was seen, unplussed and unafraid, in Washington D.C. at the steps of the Supreme Court building demonstrating his cause.

My fascination with young Levi prompted me to look him up on the Internet and email him and his parents. Interestingly, he replied to me, and we've been sharing our thoughts on Jesus, suffering, and other Christian topics.

And as I read Levi's words, I am left wondering if he will one day be one of the great Evangelists who fearlessly step forward to feed the flock and convince the unbelievers of the Saving Grace and Salvation that comes from Jesus alone. He's a teenager now, and I'm hoping that the pressures of the world, and all the temptations therein, will not sway this young man from a very noble destiny.

Only time will tell.

JC Masters

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