Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Why write about Hell?

Of all things to write about, Hell is probably the most challenging.

Many people have opinions on what it is, if anything, and where it is. The place where, if we are going to trust God, it will be defined is in the Bible.

When I was a youngster, the concept of Hell absolutely terrified me. I burnt myself once playing with matches when I was about 6 or so, and it hurt like...oh, you know. It was inconceivable to me that I could feel that pain all over my body instead of just on my finger.

I watched an episode of Star Trek with my mom, who was a fan of the show in the 60's and there was this guy, Christopher Pike, who was being manipulated mentally by these big headed aliens. One of the scenes was him in a pool of water (probably supposed to be burning oil) with flames all around him, and he was in agony.
I asked my mom what that was, and she said he was in Hell.

That image, cheesy as it was, stayed in my mind for years.

So, I had a personal interest in this Hell bit, even from an early age. And when I became old enough to actually research it on my own, I was startled at my discoveries.

And that's what my book, "What the Hell? Simple Answers to Life's Most Burning Questions" is all about.

Coming soon in February 2008!


JC Masters

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