Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sheol - Genesis 44:29

The third time Sheol is in the Old Testament is in Genesis 44:29, which is a continuation of the Joseph story.

It reads: "And [if] you take also this one from my face and happen on him harm, you will bring my gray hair, in sorrow, to Sheol."

Clearly, this again is referring to the grave, as it is nearly the exact same wording spoken by Jacob in our previous passage.

This time, the brothers are quoting Jacob in front of their brother Joseph, who is doing a rather intense Q&A session with them!

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Provident 360 said...

I agree that here in Genesis 44:29 that Sheol means the grave but it goes deeper than that. If Jacob loses his right hand son, he would probably fell like Naomi did when she lost her two sons, that God had abandoned him. He would go down into the grave in sorrow, feeling like he was condemned to hell.